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Kerri Simpson & the Belmar Playboys

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Kerri Simpson - 4am

On the third album in her Knockin’ at the Backdoor series, Simpson set about recording some retro R&B party tunes – no rehearsal, writing lyrics on the spot, just the musical bond between herself and the players. Recorded at long-time musical collaborator Steve Purcell’s Belmar studios by Altona beach on Tuesday nights … after a long day at work, food and wine flowing … Simpson was joined by Mark Grunden, Dean Hilson, Dai Jones, Shannon Bourne and Andrew Ogburn. The result is a hoodoo hoe down, swampy southern funk and tasty uptown shuffles.

Tying it all together is the musicians’ mutual love of New Orleans music, their shared playing experiences in the Crescent City. There are no fancy studio tricks here, just glorious Lo Fi.

Purcell’s vision for Belmar is to record and document the local fringe blues and jazz scene that he has been part of for many years just as it was done in years gone by.

The Belmar Playboys’ collective wealth of experience bursts through every track on this album. Rambunctious guitar solos from Dai Jones and Shannon Bourne, sensuous tenor sax from Dean Hilson, solid Crescent City synchronicity from Andrew Ogburn, all held together by the the groove masters Mark Grunden and Steve Purcell in the rhythm section.